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A prophet or a poet ?

Lie #46: Allah Ta`ala`s verdict according to Surah Yasin, verse 69: prophets do not know the art of poetry.  On the contrary Mirza wrote Qaseeda Ijaaz.  His work was published under the title of "Dur-re-thameen".  It proves that he was not a prophet.


A slave or a prophet ?

Lie:47: Mirza Qadiyani was a slave of the British, born slave and died slave.A prophet can never be a slave !
Crow deems to be better than the nightingale
although claimant of prophethood was slave


Patriot or a traitor ?

It is...traitor

"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"  (NATHAN HALE Last Words, 1776).

 It is called patriotism. Unfortunately Mirza Qadiyani was not a patriot. He along with his forefathers was traitors. When the muslims of India were struggling for freedom, Mirza was working as a traitor against his people in order that the British rule should not end.

Lie#48:  "Most of my life has gone by in favour and in the subservience of the British Empire. I have written so many books and brochures against this struggle that fifty cupboards could be filled with them.  (Tariaqul Quloob old 15new p27, Roohani Khazain volume 15 page 155).   


Is there any thing that is called Conscience ?  This is the prophethood of Mirza.  His followers claim that Mirza has written about eighty books and 261 Ishtaharaat.  (Paigham-e-Sulah p172 - August 1922), Roohani Khazain volume  page.  Then how could 50 cupboards be filled with eighty books and 261 Ishtaharaat.


Fight or migrate!

Lie #49: Prophet delivers his people from bondage otherwise migrates while Mirza declares that "Jehad(struggle) against the British is haraam (fobidden)". He emphasizes;
Enemy to God is he who declares Jehad
                                    Refutes the prophet he who believes it so.

(Addendum Touhfa Golrivia p. 27, Roohani khazain vol. 17 p. 78 Durre Sameen p. 59)

The cause of freedom is the cause of God.The Muslims hate slavery . They want to live as free as air.  Therefore the Indian muslims fought before and behind against the British Empire and the British left India in 1947 bag and baggage.


Mirza (opportunist) flatters the British Government

Lie #50: Opportunists never hesitate to worship the rising sun.Mirza flattered the British Government and worked against those who fought against it.  Against the war of freedom of 1857AD, he writes:"The MOST GRACIOUS ANDMUNIFICENT says in Quran that MY REVELATION shall be raised upto the heavens in 1857AD, that is why the muslims had similar deeds.  (Azala Auhaam p.728, margin Roohani Khazain vol.3, p.490)".


A proof of Mirza`s false prophethood


Lie #51 :  I have written about 40 books and in support of my claim,I have published 6o thousand posters. (Addendum Tohfa Golarvia p128, Arba`een  no.3, p.35).  This is a lie as the number of these posters is 261.    Isn`t it a proof of Mirza`s false prophethood.  Mirza says "to lie is like eating shit".


Great talkers are great liars

Lie #52: Watch Mirza`s another lie.In his book (Tazkirah Ash-Shahadatain p43). He writes; I am the man who showed hundreds of sign.  He leaves two empty lines and says "these hundreds of signs are more than two lacs.  Then again in the same book on page 43 and 63, he changes these two lacs into ten lacs.   Liars have short memories.

Lie #53: In 1897 AD Mirza claimed this this Jama`at (Jama`at Ahmadiya) shall not be more than 4-5 thousand (Anjaam Atham p14)  And in the same year and same book he lies again.  Now there are more than 8 thousand spirited people in the cause   (Addendum Anjaam Atham p26))and again in the same book and  same year .God spread our Jama`at`s acceptance  to thousand.   (Addendum Anjaam Atham p51 ).   After two years in 1899 AD, there will be more than ten thousand people in my Jama`at.  (margin addendum #3 - Tariaqul Quloob p393).  In1902 this Jama`at has  reached  a hundred thousand in British India.  After four years, in 1906, today by the Grace of God, there are more than 3 lacs (Haqeeqat Wahi p120  ).  In 1907 the number who have submitted is about 4 lacs.  Again the lie was repeated and Mirza two days before his death "revealed that remember  our Jama`at is not less than 4 lacs"  (Paigham-e- Sulah p12)


The  false statements

Lie # 54:  Mirza Qadyani writes "But it was essential that the predictions of the Quran and Hadith prove to be correct which stated the ( promised christ) Masih Mauood (The promised Christ) shall appear and he will lift all the tribulations from the hands of muslim scholars and they shall proclaim him non-believer and FATWAS for his murder shall be issued. (Arba`een #3, p20,21).  This is his false statement.  There does not exist such VERSE or HADITH.


Qadian in Quran ?

Lie#55:Mirza Qadiyani boasts: ”ïnna anzalnahoo qareeban minal Qadian...The names of the three cities are written in the Quran with a great honour Makkah, Madinah and Qadiyan" (Tazkrah p. 75).  There does not exist such VERSE or Qadiyanï's name in the Holy Quran!

Mirza Qadiyani claims:  "I say that the name of Qadiyan is written in the Holy Quran". (Tazkarah p. 764, 765). This is Mirza`s worst lie as there is no mention whatsoever of Qadiyan in Quran. Where is the name of Qadiyan in Quran ?

Kan any Qadiyani show the name of Qadiyan in the Holy Quran?