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Truth is immortal; error is mortal


His followers are celebrating his 100 years.  No doubt his lies are numerous but in accordance with the situation; we quote only a hundred plus.  The followers are open to check its validity and accept the truth after due checking.  Truth is an universal axiom and no one owns it.  The bat cannot see the sun.  Does this mean that the sunshine is at fault- no, it is the bat itself that does not see. We request the followers of  Mirza Qadyani to embrace Islam after checking his falsehoods and come .

 IS A  SHINING SUN.  It is upto him who comes under its light and to abstain from remaining in the dark. In every country the sun shines.


Sacrifice a cock on the head ! 


(Mirza`s funny treatment for high fever) 


Lie #32:Information for doctors. Mirza`s funny treatment for high fever : "They may sacrifice a cock on the patient, Mirza Nizamuddin`s head".(Seerat-ul- Mehdi 3rd,



Mirza Qadiani was Jack of all trades and master of none.  A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.


Eat people pearl worm?


Lie #33: Mirza tells a lie:People eat pearl worm.  ( Chashma M�ahrfat p327, Roohani Khazain volume 23 page 342).

Pregnant again and again and again, and...


Mirza`s Lie #34:"half doctor is dangerous for life".  Mirza Qadyani was himself a hallf doctor, he writes: "Pregnant woman  having been divorced should abstain from marrying another man because if she does, it is possible that she is pregnant again which may harm the earlier pregnancy. (Ariah Dharm page 21, Roohani Khazain volume 10 page 21) .  According to medical science, the woman`s egg enjoins the man`s egg at the time of intercourse and the combination thus enters the womb of the woman which does not accept any further sperm or eggs.  Mirza Qadyani spins this lie that a woman can  be pregnant again.


In European or western countries, the family system is in shatters.  Man or woman keep on changing partners.  If, according to Mirza Qadyani, a woman has intercourse with another man after having been pregnant from the previous one, she shall be pregnant again.  I am sure that the doctor-followers of Mirza Qadyani and obstericians  shall ask for ALLAH TA`ALA`s Forgiveness and come out of Mirza`s false observations.

Are the quails cause of plague?


Lie #35: According to Mirza Qadyani the quails are the cause of plague.  (seerat al-mehdi part 2, page 132). As a matter of fact it spreads from rats and rats are not cousins with quails ! Think over my dear doctors who are the followers of Mirza Qadyani !


Are ten million people born and ten million die every day?


Lie #36:  Mirza "reveals" that every day ten million people die every hour and ten million are born by the order of Allah.  (Kashti-e-Nooh, p37, Roohani Khazain volum 19 page 41)

This is Mirza's self-spun LIE as if ten million are born every hour, the dotors and nurses will ever be busy and if ten millionpeople die every hour, the people who render funeral services and dig graves will be busy burrying their coffins whole the time and the world shall soon finish.

Impossible! quite impossible!


Lie #37:  If you see my Risala Tohfa Golarvia and Tohfa Ghaznavia - you can read in two hours with resolve and consideration. (Arba`een #2, p23).   This is Mirza`s worst lie.  Tohfa Golarvia has 238 pages and each page has 23 lines.   Not even this book alone can be read with resolve and consideration and what to speak of Tohfa Ghaznavia in addition.  We challenge the lot of Mirza`s followers to read these books in 2 hours or otherwise curse the liar and join us muslims. 

Lie# 38: It is muslim faith that in the last age, thousands of so-called muslims will turn into Jewish activities.  This prediction  is available in many a places in Quran (Kashti-e-Nooh p42-43, Roohani Khazain volume 19 page 46). 


Neither is it Muslim faith nor is there any mention in the Quran.


A lie begets a lie


Now and again, a liar like Mirza Qadiyan is born.


Lie #39: In 1897 AD Mirza claimed that this Jama`at (Jama`at Ahmadiya) shall not be more than 4-5 thousand (Anjaam Atham p14).  And in the same year and same book he lies again.  Now there are more than 8 thousand spirited people in the cause (Addendum Anjaam Atham p26)  and again in the same book and  same year (God) spread our Jama`at`s acceptance  to thousand.  (Addendum Anjaam Atham p51). After two years in 1899 AD, there will be more than ten thousand people in my Jama`at. (margin addendum #3 - Tariaqul Quloob p393)  In1902 this Jama`at has  reached a hundred thousand in British India.After four years, in 1906, today by the Grace of God, there are more than 3 lacs (p.120 )  In 1907 the number who have submitted is about 4 lacs.  Again the lie was repeated and Mirza two days before his death "revealed that remember  our Jama`at is not less than 4 lacs"  (Paigham Sulah p. 26, Roohani Khazain volume 23 page 455).


5 or 50 ? Once cheater always cheater 

Lie #40:  Mirza asked for donations from his followers for the publication of  50 volumes of " Braheen Ahmadiyya ".  When he wrote only five, the followers protested strongly and he explained he originally wanted to write 50 but if we take off the "0"  of 50, remains there only 5 thus the object has been achieved. (Braheen Ahmadiyya part.5, page 9, Roohani khazain vol. 23 page 342 ).

Mirza Qadiani loves to spin "LI"ES"


Mirza says "to lie is like eating shit".  (Haiqat-ul-wahi  p. 206, Roohani khazain vol. 22, p. 215)

Lie #41:  Mirza writes that according to Hadith people of Masaia`s time will be worse than those living on  earth. (Ijaz -e- Ahmadi p.13, Roohani Khazain volume 19 page 120)   There is no mention of this type of Hadith.  Mirza likes to spin "LIES" and calls it hadith.


Is Safar the fourth month of the Islamic Calender?


Lie #42:  Mirza writes about the birth of his son Mubarak Ahmad and he was the fourth boy.  As such, in the Islamic Calender, it was the fourth month  "SAFAR" and fourh day of the week and fourth hour of the afternoon. (Taryaaqul Quloob p. 90, , Roohani Khazain vol.15, p218,).It is as clear as crystal.   Even an illiterate person knows that "SAFAR" is the second month in the Islamic Calender.


Knowledge is power


Lie #43:  Mirza writes " The Arabic words "LAM YALID"  mean that "Allah is not anybody`s son". (Sat Bachan p140, Roohani Khazain vol.10, p26).  This is the proof of Mirza`s illiteracy. It is as easy as A.B.C. because even an ordinary person knows its meaning i.e. "God has no son".

Lie#44Mirza writes that Alexanderia Roomi, the great, is Roman.(Shahadat-ul-Quran p. 12, Roohani  khazain vol. 6 p. 309)   His name was Alexander (not Alexandria Roomi) and he was Greek from Macdoniah  (He was not Roman).


The rail between Makkah & Madinah?


Lie #45 Mirza Qadiani claimed to be a prophet. In his support, he uses different statements e.g. "rail is being run between Madinah and Meccah".  (Kashti-e-Nooh P14, Roohani Khazain vol.19, p9).  Not even today there is any rail in Saudi Arabia.  This lie is also available on page 78 of Ayyamul Sulah.


Some are wise and some are otherwise


It is a  case of great distress that even  in these times of advancement in knowledge, the followers read and follow without understanding the books written by him.  You cannot stop a person who is bent upon committing suicide.  Nonetheless it is incumbent on the society to watch him, to make him understand the truth and to abstain from committing such a heinous crime that may save his life. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is used to spin lies to such an extent as if you cannot stop sneezing or convulsive sobbing.  He is all in all in the "Ahmadiyya Movement".



Are Ahmadis / Qadiyanies / Marzaies not Kafir (infidels) ?


Lie #31: The followers of Mirza claim that they are muslims they say that any  muslim who believes in "Kalimah" should not be called "kafir".  (infidels, nonbelieverss)That is totally wrong according to their own laws and regulations.  When Allama Muhammad Iqbal`s father Shaikh Noor Muhammad did not take active part with the youth because of his old age, Mirza Qadiyani wrote that "he is not only separated from the Jama`but he is also out of Islam."  (Seerat-ul- Mehdi part 3, page 249).   Similarly when Doctor Abdul Hakim of Patiala who was a follower of Mirza, left him, he was called "Murtudd or the apostate". ( Seerat-ul- Mehdi vol.1, p165, Tazkarah page 607).


Everyone Muslim is a Kafir (infidel)


"God has disclosed to me that anyone who got my message and didn't accept me is not muslim", (Tazkarah p. 607).  All the muslims do not accept Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani, so they are kafir (apostate, non-believer, infidel) according to Mirza Qadiyani.