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Lie #56: Mirza claims that "Hazrat (Jesus) Masaih`s sparrows" are proved in the Quran. (Ai`eena Kamalaat Islam p68, Roohani Khazain volume 5 page 68). He himself denounced his statement: "and this too should be remembered that not only their flying but also their movement is not proved in Quran  (Azaala auham margin vol.1, p307, 128).  It  appears that Mirza is a mad man. (Sat Bachan 312)  It was God`s Will to humiliate Mirza  because his books are replete with such contradictory statements.

Teacher or not ?


Lie #57: "God teaches the prophets himself without  any teacher".(Braheen Ahmadiyya part one, preface, p.16, Roohani khazain part one vol.1 page 16). "One teacher has taught Torah to Hazrat Isa"(Jesus). Ayyam-ul-Sulh p. 47, Roohani khazain v. 14 p. 394.)


Teacher or servant ?


Lie#58:  When  I was six seven years old, a persian teacher was employed for me as a servant who taught me Quran and some Persian books. His name was Fazal Elahi.When I was ten years old, an Arabic tutor was employed for me whose name was Fazal Ahmad and I studied grammar.  I studied for a few years.The name of this Maulvi was Gul Ali Shah.  (Kitab Albarriyya  161,162,163 margin, Roohani khazain vol.13, p. 179,180, 181, 192 margin).   Mirza clearly denying all these teachers and their teachings says "No one can prove that I learnt Quran, Hadith and Tafseer from any person."  (Ayyam As-Sulah p147, 168)


It is Greek to me


Lie #59:  Mirza writes that "the two books The Bible and The Torah are not changed."  (Chashma M'ahrfat p75, Roohani khazain vol. 23, p. 83).   This is another proof of his knowledge about the Quran.  Mirza further in the same book denies that the books (The Bible, The Torah and Zaboor) were discarded by the times of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and many a lies were mingled in them.  Both the books are changed.  (Chashma Mï'ahrfat p.255, Roohani Khazain volume 23 page vol.   p266).

Lie#60:  A day before the death of my brother Ghulam Qadir, I was revealed "a funeral".  The other day my brother died.  (Nazoolul Masih p227, Roohani Khzain vol.18, p603).  Another lie:  The day my brother died in the evening  I was revealed  about his funeral in the morning.  (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain volume 22 pagevol p20).  A day before or same day ?            


The true person or a Believer person do not curse, but Mirza curses


Lie #61: Mirza claims that " the  true person or a Believer person do not curse" (Azala Second p 356, Roohani Khazain vol.3,p452).  And then he himself proves to be a liar non-believer by writing the word "curse" a thousand times, e.g. curse no.1, curse no.2, curse no.3...untill curse no. 1000   (Noorul Haque p.118,119,120,121,122, Roohani khazine vol. 8p. 158, 159,160,161,162 Tohfatul Nadvah pp 158-162)

Lie #62: "Similitude and analogy must conform". (Sat Bachan margin pp164 B, Roohani Khazain vol.10, p302, Tableegh-e-Risalat vol.4, p18)   and then he refutes his own statement by saying "resemblance or similit ude do not need conformity e.g. a man is a lion but it does not necessirly need "paws and skin and tail and roar like a lion."  (Addendum Braheen Ahmadiyya vol.5, p187 margin, Roohani Khazain volume 21  pagemargin 359 ,Tohfa Golarvia p101 margin)


One lie leads to another


Lie #63:  Mirza states that "upto now a hundred  thousand humans have repented on my hand". (Review p340 of Sept.1902 AD).  After three and a half years, another lie "on my hand four lac humans have apologised from their sins and repented from polytheism."  (Tajalliaat-e-Ilahiya p5 marqooma 15-3-1906, Roohani khazain v. 20, p. 397 ).  If we account for these three and a half lacs repentances from 6 O`clock in the morning to 6 O`clock in the evening and every repentence takes three minutes, how much time it will take. Is it possibleIf it is not then the followers must recall his saying "to lie is like eating shit."


Reason rules all thing


Lie# 64:  Mirza writes "Our prophet is the seal of the prophets and there cannot come another prophet after him."   (Shahadatal Quran p28, Roohani Khazain volume 6 page 324, Azala Auhaam p31).   Mirza again starts spinning  lies "True is God who sent his messenger in Qadiyan" (Da`afe-al-bala`p11, Roohani Khazain vol.18, p231).

Lie# 65: "Oh you who like to be called progeny or descendents of muslims, be not enemies of Quran and do not continue the phase of revelations of prophet after "The Seal of the Prophets and feel ashamed before God before whom you will be presented (Aasmani Faislah p25, Roohani Khazain vol.4, p335). And Mirza at once turns the table and says that these are God`s verses which have been revealed on me.  (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi p211 Roohani Khazain volume 22, p.220).


A little pot is soon hot


Lie #66:  Mirza says  "It is beyond my nature that I use bitter language" (Aasmani Faislah p10, Roohani Khazain volume 4 page 320). Then he says " I have not used a word that could be termed as abuse.  (Azala Auhaam, vol.1,p6, Roohani Khazain volume  page).  It is a fact that Mirza has abused his opponents.  His books are as bitter as gall.  We quote Mirza`s confession "we promised in the presence of Deputy Commissoner that we shall not begin with harsh words" (Ishtahar 30.12.1897 Kitaab Albarriyya P.15, Roohani Khazain volume 13, p.15).

Lie #67:  Mirza claims that "it will not be found in any Hadith that his(Jesus) appearance will be from the skies.  (Hamamatul Bushra p77).   Mirza refutes his statement and claims "according to Sahih Muslim Hadith, when Hazrat Masih will come down from the sky, his dress will be yellow"(Azala Kalan vol.p34).


The Revelations in different languages


Lie #68: Mirza claims that "It is absurd a human should receive revelation in another language than his own."  (Chashma M�ahrfat p201, Roohani Khazain Vol.23, p218).   Mirza was born in Qadiyan Punjab (India) and his mother tongue was Punjabi but  he received revelations in other languages e.g. in English "Life of Pain"  (Braheen Ahmadiyya part 1, p556, Tazkarah 116,117),  in Hebrew (Braheen Ahmadiyya Vol.1, p612), in Arabic (Braheen Ahmadiyya no. 1, p45 84,Tazkarah  p. 117),  in Sanskrit (Tazkirah 420). Besides he received revelations  in other languages which he did neither know nor understand them.(Braheen Ahmadiyya vol.2, p516, Tazkarah, 114, 116).


"Polluted stuff comes out of polluted heart"


Lie #69:  Mirza writes"Polluted stuff comes out of polluted heart".  (Tohfa Ghaznavia p11, Roohani Khazain

Vol.15, p544). 

Now comes Mirza Qadiyani’s nasty talk:  "Although she is his wife and he himself is alive.  Just before his eyes, others share his wife`s bed and inspite of his presence and in his house he (other person)  has intercourse with his wife.  And he (husband) listening to their talk in action, enjoys because it is all happening before his eyes”. (Naseem Da`wat page 78, 79,  Roohani Khazain , p. 438,439). And someone has intercourse with his wife and he enjoys the act. (Addendum Braheen Ahmadiyya part 5, p. 37, Roohani Khazain volume 21 page 192, 193).

Mirza Qadiyani’s books are filled with such dirt and Mirza Qadiyani writes "Polluted stuff comes out of polluted heart".  It indicates his polluted heart !


Mirza himself refutes his own statement

 Who is mad and hypocrite ?


Lie # 70:  What is �Dabatul Ard ? Mirza writes that "according to Quran Dabatul Ard means bacteria and to change the meaning of Quran is deviation  from the right path.  (lecture of Sialkot p48, Roohani Khazain Vol.20, p240).   This is a lie as well. No interpreter of Quran has ever taken the meaning as bacteria of plague.  Mirza himself refutes his own statement and says:" it means that the group of the speakers who will attack all the false religions". (Azaala Auham  pt.2, p.370, Roohani Khazain volume 3 page 370). It means the misguided scholars who are guiding people on the wrong direction”. (Hamamat-ul-Bushra Roohani khazain v.7  P.308) ,  

Mirza`s word has so many flaws.He himself says "mad, hypocrite and flaterers`word is always contradictory and full of flaw" .  (Sat Bachan p30, Roohani Khazain vol.10, p142).

God educated prophets but Moses & Jesus a.s were educated in schools !


Lie#71:  Mirza claims that "All the prophets were guided and educated without any tutor."  (Braheen Ahmadiyya part 5 page 7 ,Roohani Khazain vol. 1p16)  and then refutes himself and claims with great fervour that Musa and Isa were educated in schools and Hazrat Isa learnt Torah from a Jew teacher.  (Ayyamul Sulah p.47, Roohani Khazain vol.14, p294).

Mirza Qadiyani’s countless contradictions prove that;  Liars have short memories.


Mirza Qadiyani lies on the Holy Quran :

Quran`s mistakes ?


Lie#72: Mirza claims that  "Quran is God`s book and word of my mouth". (Haqiqat-ul-Wahip211, Roohani Khazain vol.23, p22o, Tazkarah p. 642)Mirza deserves to be cursed on uttering such absurdities.

Lie 73:  Isa Will come to Ludhiana (Qadiyan) and pick Quran`s mistakes.  (Azaala Auham p382, Roohani Khazain volume 3 page182). This is a lie.

Lie # 74: A person from this UMMAH shall be made Mariam and then in her shall be blown the spirit of ISA ,  Jesus.  (Kashti-e-Nooh p45, Roohani khazain, v.19, p. 48). This is his false statement.


Were Adam and Eve made as twins


Lie #75:  "According to Quran and Tauraat Adam was made as twin.  "( Haqiqt-al -wahi p. 201, Roohani khazain vol. 22 p. 259, Addendum Tariaqul Quloob p.160,)It is the worst accusation on Quran.  It was Adam who was first created and then Eve.  They were not created twins.
Lie #76:  "
According to Quran relgious  war is haraam (forbidden)".  (Margin Kashti-e-Nooh p.69, Roohani khazain, v.19, p. 75).  This is a lie.It is not found anywhere in Quran.

Lie #77:  Plague and rail are mentioned in the Quran (Tazkirahtul Shahadatain p3, 22. Roohani Khazain v. 20 p20/25).  This is a lie. This is his false statement.There is no mention in the Quran.

Lie #78:  It is mentioned in Allah`s Books that plague will spread and Hajj shall be stopped in the time of Masih.  (Ijaaz Ahmadi p2, Roohani Khazain v. 19, p. 108,  Kashti Noah p. 5, Roohani khazain v.19, p. 5). It is a white lie.

Lie #79:  Mirza used to write wrong the Verses of Quran, e.g.
Chapter 24, verses 41-42  versus 
Braheen Ahmadiyya vol.4 margin, p461-462
Surah Anbia, Verse 22 versus 
Braheen Ahmadiyya vol.4 margin, p518
Chapter 4, 1st Ruku`, Verse 8  versus
Braheen Ahmadiyya vol.4, p655
 Mirza`s lies could be detected by doing so.